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Do you want to work with an awesome coach? Of course you do. Let me tell you a little bit about Nancy.

For Nancy Hinojo, coaching isn’t just a job. It’s a calling and a passion. She chose to specialize in ADHD coaching because she wants to help real people, with real struggles, solving real problems. Nancy is a born and raised Texas native. She graduated from DeVry University with a BBA in Business and Accounting in Austin, TX where she has lived now for 18 years. She’s a mother of 4 delightful children, three are now adults and one is just 7 years old. She likes to travel, enjoy music, and look for opportunities to serve others.

Nancy has been a successful tax accountant, a successful business coach for the SBA, and has been a successful multi-business owner. She grew up with ADHD as did her children. She has lived in the poor area, in the small Texas town, and in the big city. She is culturally sensitive as well as socio-economically sensitive and is determined to tap into this diverse background to reach all people in need of competent coaching in any situation. After watching and experiencing the struggles that come with having ADHD by both her and her children, Nancy decided to serve and support people on a much deeper level other than just in business.

Nancy appreciates that success doesn’t come easy. She has been there and done that. To ensure the highest quality of service Nancy attended the Health Coach Institute to earn her dual certification as health and life coach. This is where she discovered coaching was her true passion and calling. She re-enrolled in Mastery to complete a Holistic MBA in Life Coaching. In November of 2023 she will be Board-Certified by the NBHWC (National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching) and will be able to serve as a greater leader and influencer by staying ahead of the industry curve and representing the ADHD community on a much deeper level. She believes in transforming the way people with ADHD think and feel about themselves. Her mission is to empower every client to develop their qualities and fully express their true potential

Awards and Distinctions

Nancy dedicates a great deal of her time serving her Facebook group “The Unstoppable Mind”. Recognizing the paramount role of peer connection in ADHD management, Nancy's group has garnered endorsement by her local psychiatrist, offering individuals a valuable avenue for support. Nancy is driven by a mission to create a worldwide revolution by blending clinical treatments with natural remedies, with a special emphasis on coaching, as a catalyst for profound change.

Nancy’s Practice

Nancy also values high ethics and service. Because she cares about her clients and wants the best for them, a relationship always blossoms. She shows up transparently and is always honest and respectful. This is what she gives and this is what she expects. It takes true commitment to want more and better for yourself. She will go all in for you. Every year she works with 3 pro-bono clients and affords high-level coaching to whoever is willing to put in the work. Results have been extraordinary. Nancy uses her business instincts as well as natural creative thinking to provide high-quality coaching to maximize client achievements. If you need help out of the ADHD hamster wheel, book a consultation.

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